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no_sleep's Journal

lack of sleeper
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There are a few communities out there, that address insomnia, things to do when you can't sleep, and people who like to stay up... but none that address lack of sleep veterans, like myself, who are not insomniacs, and actually like to sleep (although insomniacs and sleep haters are also welcome!!), it's just that they're stupid crazy multi-taskers who push themselves to stay up (whether it be for school, work, or personal reasons), thereby slowly killing themselves. HOORAY!

But let us laugh at our unhealthy habit, and share funny, crazy, stupid, horrible, embarrassing stories relating to our lack of sleep! :D It will be ever so much fun. I promise.* Also, news articles like "Why lack of sleep is more unhealthy than a meth habit", etc. are also welcomed!

Feel free to post any lack of sleep related things here.

Please try to keep the pornography to a minimum.

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*promises made here are not guaranteed, and if anything, are probably blatant lies.
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