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newbie. I'm an orthodox Jew, been breaking my own rules and ethics in order to try and rest/sleep. Tonight is the sabath, and so far, I have broken a number of ordinances, including typing this right now. I've been a poor sleeper since infancy, and my condition deteriorated after an episode of sexual abuse by my best friend at age 16. I'm 20 now, diagnosed with bipolar type II, after two suicide attempts and countless cuts on my arm. I once went 3 days without sleeping or a moment of restfulness, and performed hard labor during that period as well (I still havent gotten paid for it, and that was back in February. One thing I can suggest is take a steamy shower for about 20 minutes or however long you like. This is your safe place. Clear your mind, and if a thought enters your head, verbally express it. There's nothing wrong with talking to yourself, and the water is running anyway so nobody can hear you if you're worried about that. Pace around the tub or stall, just letting yourself relex until you start to yawn more often than not. This probably wont get you to sleep, but it gives me a half-hour to two hours of feeling rested, laying in bed afterwards. out.
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