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Tuesday lexxy and I bought a box of Vivarin
That night at like 9:30 we ran off to my half-empty house I am in the process of moving into from my apartment (where we were staying) to blare the stereo without any objections (that is, my mom)
We each took two pills
Then we got to the house and he took two more and kinda flipped out
Word to the wise: four Vivarin = not good
We passed out at like 4AM after a couple hours of sitting and staring at static items and going "SHIT did that just move???" etc. and woke up at 10AM and were up for the day (which was the most continual sleeping I'd done in the past week)

Wednesday night we ran off again but this time we only took one Vivarin each and also we had to wait until after midnight before we could run off because we were worried about waking up my mom and due to various factors we ended up staying awake all night once we got there. I drove us home at 7AM and wasn't exactly energetic but I was WIRED and Lex passed out upon arriving back at the apartment while I stayed up and helped my mom take some loads of junk over to the hiz-ouse and get some Starbucks and stuff
I was really excited come 10AM because I'd never stayed up 24 hours before because I was too pussy
It rolled around and I kept helping my mom
But then at like ... something o'clock... 12? My eyes could no longer focus and I kept blacking out so I went to sleep on de living room sofa and woke up at like 2 when my mom ordered me to go to my room to sleep so she could make loud noises in the living room with the moving heavy things and not wake me up
So I went to my room and Lex was awake (on the computer) and I kinda tried to sleep and it didn't work
I don't think it was his fault because I can sleep while hearing typing, I guess it was just the caffeine I was on
We'd gotten espressos or equivalents every day since he got here (last Friday) and I wasn't used to caffeine because I had to make myself quit coffee because the coffee I was making myself tasted like rotting wood and I don't like the taste of rotting wood so being addicted to that sucked
So anyway he had to leave on a Greyhound back to NY last night at 12:30 or so
My mom drove us to Biloxi from Slidell to catch it (thank god)
on the way home I totally couldn't keep my eyes focused at all and definitely would have been fucked if I had to drive
I discovered something though: I CAN SING ALONG TO THE STEREO WHILE ASLEEP
We were blaring Beck's Midnite Vultures to keep us awake and I sang along the whole time but I'd notice after passing out that I was singing really out-of-controlly (please forgive my god awful phrasing; I am still rather out of it)
I just thought that was pretty cool
It may have been because I've heard that album 239874892374 times, hahah
So we got home at 2 or so and I went to bed even though I was starving
I woke up at 10 and was like "FUX0R" and then passed out again and woke up at 12:55 and was like "eh i guess that was good enough" so I got up
God do I have a headache; coming off major caffeine highs SUCKS
Also my stomach REALLY hurt and the muscles still feel kinda sore even though I just ate a bunch of Morningstar chicken nuggets and some Fritos corn chips (I like them, I do). I wonder if that's the caffeine or because I was so hungry. ??? Usually I can go to bed and sleep off my hunger with no pain; this has never happened before that I can recall
Anyway my mom is at work and I don't particularly want to run off to Starbucks in the truck because driving in this state would be bad I am guessing and I don't even have Lex to keep me up now
Lordy I be delirious X_X

So there ya go!
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