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Related Community: Healthier Sleep Reduction 
12:15am 30/12/2007

Sleep for as few as 2 hours a day!

Looking for a healther way to get less sleep? Why not try Uberman's Sleep Schedule? ...Then discuss your results in the brand new community for polyphasic sleep!

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05:34pm 14/12/2006

anoninsomnia is a personal, anonymous journal where I express the thoughts insomnia create.
I'm hoping to be an extremely unique, and successful journal.

It would be much appreciated if you were to take a look at my profile, and "friends only" page, where there is a little more information on what I'm doing, and why.

Thank you.
02:37am 25/02/2006
  grrrr. i hate breaking shabbos. and i cant sleep. evr haapen to you when you sleep for a long time, wake up randomly and never get to sleep again? yeah.  
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06:14am 29/03/2005
mood: awake
I have realized when I stay up for very long periods of time I become completely emotionless and don't really care about anything. It's a way of life for me now, it makes embarrassing events seem less severe. It turns down the intensity of every day life. Just a thought.
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ya probly should just ignore this... 
11:07pm 21/02/2005
  Bang Bang!Collapse )
hey i never sleep...and i just joined this community quickly so i could promot somewhere for this communitie yay
sleep ~_~ 
11:47am 18/02/2005
mood: sleepy
Yesterday I only had 4 hours of sleep. Which is not good for me. I like sleep. So I will try and sleep more hours tonight.
06:11am 08/02/2005
  my sleep is so fucked up right now. more than usual, i mean. I went to bed at 9 Saturday night, didnt get to sleep until 12:30 and woke up at 3. No naps sunday, superbowl, simpsons, and american dad. Went to sleep around 12:30 again. slept until 1:30 today, missing my first day of class. fuck.  
07:18am 30/11/2004
mood: blank
I,as of now have not slept in 96 and a half hours.

John: Kelley,you might have insomnia.
Me: Really?
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03:16am 01/10/2004
  must. sleep. now. its 3:10 AM and I havent slept all night prolly cause I was sleeping during the day. I'm on a guilt trip because I shouldnn't be using electricity and i am not onnly on the computer, but listened to an audiobook as well. im not gonnna get wrapped up in the whole IM circus tonight, but add me if you want for later times. anny advice would be greatly appreciated just email at jake.vanhouter@verizon.net  
02:23am 06/06/2004
mood: a little aggravated
i've been put on lot of medication this month
(for pneumonia and asthma and muscle spasms)
and am finally becoming drug-free,
but the effects aren't wearing off.
apparently "prednisone"--
the purpose of which i was never told--
can have the same effects as a stimulant
so i've only been getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night for a week,
but i've been off of it for 4 days now
and can't get back into a semi-regular sleep pattern.

i've bothered my doctor so much lately i'm afraid to ask.

falling asleep before 4 would be nice.
any tips?
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08:04am 04/06/2004
  i woke up at 7 yesterday morning and havent slept since. my father is pissed and is taking out my computer tonight. he's pissed because "that's not normal". Weeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll, that's why I had the sleep studies done, cause my circadian rhythm is all out of whack, genius. He's upset that while I was awake this whole time, I didnt clean my room. Hmmmmm, rooom, or sleep at 5 AM? tough choice. he already takes my phones and disconects me from the internet. and I'm forbidden to leave the house at night so I cant take a walk. And he just told me I can't take any more showers cause the water drips in the basement. I think I'll skip work today and try and sleep.  
02:00am 02/06/2004
  another sleepless night. someone talk me through this before i go nuts. AIM: xxfrumdaddyxx, MSN: jake.vanhouter@verizon.net  
02:07am 29/05/2004
  newbie. I'm an orthodox Jew, been breaking my own rules and ethics in order to try and rest/sleep. Tonight is the sabath, and so far, I have broken a number of ordinances, including typing this right now. I've been a poor sleeper since infancy, and my condition deteriorated after an episode of sexual abuse by my best friend at age 16. I'm 20 now, diagnosed with bipolar type II, after two suicide attempts and countless cuts on my arm. I once went 3 days without sleeping or a moment of restfulness, and performed hard labor during that period as well (I still havent gotten paid for it, and that was back in February. One thing I can suggest is take a steamy shower for about 20 minutes or however long you like. This is your safe place. Clear your mind, and if a thought enters your head, verbally express it. There's nothing wrong with talking to yourself, and the water is running anyway so nobody can hear you if you're worried about that. Pace around the tub or stall, just letting yourself relex until you start to yawn more often than not. This probably wont get you to sleep, but it gives me a half-hour to two hours of feeling rested, laying in bed afterwards. out.  
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07:32am 17/05/2004
  May 19th is national gas boycott day. With gas prices on the rise, something must be done to send a message to the gas companies. If no one in America buys gas on the 19th the gas companies will lose an estimated $45 MILLION dollars! If you're not happy with paying over $2.00/gallon please do not buy gas on May 19th. Please re-post this so that it will be able to reach as many people across the country as possible.  
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09:50pm 27/04/2004
mood: drained
yeah so tit my first post. Its only 10 but i have been up fpr two days now. I just cant sleep. I feel so tired but as i lay in my bed i cant sleep. I horrable. I go to school i cant sleep in class. I really am tired i think but yet i cant sleep.... i dont know i will wright back to yall tomorrow. If anyone knows any trick to help me sleep let me know please thanks

02:04am 05/04/2004
mood: blank
well. the sun is long gone and i am awake. oops.
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12:45pm 15/07/2003
mood: tired
I'm going to go see a They Might Be Giants concert on Thursday. Right now it's 12:45 PM and I'm exhausted and I want to go to bed (I have weird hours). I have to stay up, though, in order to be awake for the They Might Be Giants concert, which is on Thursday. Okay?
10:42am 04/06/2003
mood: mrrf
Yeah, so. Last night I was exhausted but I was too lazy to get up and take a shower and go to bed, so I sat at the computer for a while and complained to people about how I was tired. Eventually I went and took a shower and when I came back, I was all awake again. Thus, I stayed up on the computer for a little while later. I decided at about midnight that I should go to bed anyway and, well, I went to bed but I couldn't sleep. I really hate it when that happens. I think I fell asleep at about 1:30, but then I woke up six hours later, exhausted. I lay (I want to say "laid" but I know that's wrong) in bed for a while trying to get back to sleep. I was super tired but I couldn't sleep and my heart kept beating like a... a thing that beats a lot. Yeah, and then I gave up and got up and now I'm here and I'm tired but I can't do anything about it. Now, six hours is very very little for me at this point since I've been sleeping for stretches of 12 to 14 hours of late, which happens when I don't have anything to do. Um. Hi.
03:47pm 16/05/2003
mood: crazy

Tuesday lexxy and I bought a box of Vivarin
That night at like 9:30 we ran off to my half-empty house I am in the process of moving into from my apartment (where we were staying) to blare the stereo without any objections (that is, my mom)
We each took two pills
Then we got to the house and he took two more and kinda flipped out
Word to the wise: four Vivarin = not good
We passed out at like 4AM after a couple hours of sitting and staring at static items and going "SHIT did that just move???" etc. and woke up at 10AM and were up for the day (which was the most continual sleeping I'd done in the past week)

Wednesday night we ran off again but this time we only took one Vivarin each and also we had to wait until after midnight before we could run off because we were worried about waking up my mom and due to various factors we ended up staying awake all night once we got there. I drove us home at 7AM and wasn't exactly energetic but I was WIRED and Lex passed out upon arriving back at the apartment while I stayed up and helped my mom take some loads of junk over to the hiz-ouse and get some Starbucks and stuff
I was really excited come 10AM because I'd never stayed up 24 hours before because I was too pussy
It rolled around and I kept helping my mom
But then at like ... something o'clock... 12? My eyes could no longer focus and I kept blacking out so I went to sleep on de living room sofa and woke up at like 2 when my mom ordered me to go to my room to sleep so she could make loud noises in the living room with the moving heavy things and not wake me up
So I went to my room and Lex was awake (on the computer) and I kinda tried to sleep and it didn't work
I don't think it was his fault because I can sleep while hearing typing, I guess it was just the caffeine I was on
We'd gotten espressos or equivalents every day since he got here (last Friday) and I wasn't used to caffeine because I had to make myself quit coffee because the coffee I was making myself tasted like rotting wood and I don't like the taste of rotting wood so being addicted to that sucked
So anyway he had to leave on a Greyhound back to NY last night at 12:30 or so
My mom drove us to Biloxi from Slidell to catch it (thank god)
on the way home I totally couldn't keep my eyes focused at all and definitely would have been fucked if I had to drive
I discovered something though: I CAN SING ALONG TO THE STEREO WHILE ASLEEP
We were blaring Beck's Midnite Vultures to keep us awake and I sang along the whole time but I'd notice after passing out that I was singing really out-of-controlly (please forgive my god awful phrasing; I am still rather out of it)
I just thought that was pretty cool
It may have been because I've heard that album 239874892374 times, hahah
So we got home at 2 or so and I went to bed even though I was starving
I woke up at 10 and was like "FUX0R" and then passed out again and woke up at 12:55 and was like "eh i guess that was good enough" so I got up
God do I have a headache; coming off major caffeine highs SUCKS
Also my stomach REALLY hurt and the muscles still feel kinda sore even though I just ate a bunch of Morningstar chicken nuggets and some Fritos corn chips (I like them, I do). I wonder if that's the caffeine or because I was so hungry. ??? Usually I can go to bed and sleep off my hunger with no pain; this has never happened before that I can recall
Anyway my mom is at work and I don't particularly want to run off to Starbucks in the truck because driving in this state would be bad I am guessing and I don't even have Lex to keep me up now
Lordy I be delirious X_X

So there ya go!
Well fo sheezy 
05:59am 15/05/2003
mood: awake
YES! Hello I can't sleep tonite... and well i go to bed in the AM usually...even though have to get up early.. yea. its almost 6 AM no sleep for me so it seems, but its ok, im alright with it... oh no... a yawn.. i think its because im drinking Barqs root beer... i haven't had large amounts of caffeine for a long time. so that may be it.. ok woo i have to write a paper before 10 am hehe alright!